If you are a manufacturer looking to explore sales opportunities in overseas markets, or perhaps a buyer searching for new product inspiration, Or if your company has redundant stocks, then KNIGHTSBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL could be your ideal partner. We also specialise in exporting luxury items from UK & Europe to Far East Asia, we have trusted reputable suppliers with extensive history.

If you have products to sell, or products to buy, or surplus stock or would simply like to learn more about us as a business, then click on the appropriate link to find out who we are and what we can do to help you.

From initial product inquiry to final delivery of goods, Knightsbridge International offers number of years of experience in domestic and international distribution, and exceptional service in English, Chinese, German and Japanese.

We have offices in UK, China, India, Singapore, Brazil, and Poland With a vast amount of resource capability. We strive to provide our cliental with the best possible services

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